What is the difference between motion graphics, animation and visual effects?

Motion Graphics:


Motion graphics comes in a type of animation, it is a digital technique that combines pictures, words, sound, video, typography, illustration, logos and shape. They are then animated or moved in a way that tells a story.



A movement of a series of pictures, or characters. Cartoons on television is one example of animation. There are different types of animation like 2D, 3D, Whiteboard, Motion Graphics, Cartoon etc

Anivo video- Online Insured

Visual Effects:

Visual effects (commonly shortened to Visual FX or VFX) is the term used to describe any imagery created, altered, or enhanced for a film or other moving characters that cannot be created manually while shooting live.Here are I’m sharing a video of each type that will help you more in understanding.

Mims Real Estate

From “Jane Richard”



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